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Educational "American Avalanche Association" classes. 
 Classes will be taught by A.A.A. certified instructors
   1. South America Classes will be held in the Central Andes of Chile;  A. August 16th - 22nd,   B. August 23rd - 29th,   C. Other dates in July or August available upon request. 
  2.North America Classes will be held in the Chugach Range of Alaska near Thompson Pass 
  Mid to Late April, Exact dates to be announced.
      All classes will have 10 - 12 hours of actual heli flying time.
    10 hours of classroom and the rest of the time will be spent in the field.
     Jerry and guest speakers will share their knowledge of terrain analysis, snopack stability, 
    route selection, weather patterns, escape avenues, landing zones, and much more
     All classes are 6 days of heli intensive training.
   1. Avalanche courses 1 and 2.
   2. Mental capability to think outside the established parameters of avalanche education.
   3. Strong physical conditioning.
   4. Desire to learn more than go or don't go reasonings.
   Class size will be limited.

  For information regarding Jerry's South American packages and details go to,
This is a Chilean owned,first class company I've been working with the past 4 years. Superb terrain,snow,
accommodations and service!